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News » NBA Preview: Disasters waiting to happen

NBA Preview: Disasters waiting to happen

NBA Preview: Disasters waiting to happen
Like a carton of milk exploring the world beyond its expiration date, an NBA season can go from bad to disgusting in a hurry.

Simply turning the corner toward sour brings with it the potential for screaming calamity. As evidence, we submit last year's edition of the Miami Heat, a team that plummeted from 44 victories the previous season to a lottery-slot-commanding 15.

With Pat Riley seemingly becoming more disillusioned as the process rolled along, the Heat demise was fueled by an injury to superstar Dwyane Wade and a troublesome hip for Shaquille O'Neal that became less troubling after he discovered flexibility drills in Phoenix.

2008-09 NBA previews

The Bulls, who slipped to 33 victories after winning 49 times the season prior, still have meager scoring options along the baseline. But, boy, they're certainly deep on the perimeter.

That may not be a good thing. If you think guys like Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng were itchy over the Kobe Bryant trade rumors last seasons, imagine how they'll feel when Rose's presence actually squeezes their minutes.

Throw in the expiring contract of Larry Hughes and you have a complete hayride.

Stirring this potentially gruesome pot is first-year coach Vinny Del Negro, whose experience doesn't even include working as an assistant for someone else.

  • Miami Heat: Yeah, this team could be back in the ping-pong derby. But on paper, which often is used to keep the floor from being soiled, Miami certainly appears to be in much better shape than a year ago.

    Heat fans had to be thrilled by Wade's performance in the Olympics and rookie Michael Beasley should put up really nice numbers. Beasley's approach to the game makes people nervous, but the guy can really play.

    Unfortunately, Shawn Marion may look up from his expiring contract long enough to notice that he, again, is his team's third option. We know how well that played in Phoenix, where Shawn pouted his way out of town even though the Suns were winning like crazy.

    We have another rookie coach in Erik Spoelstra, who at least has spent a reasonable amount of time sitting on an NBA bench while wearing a suit. We'll see if he can command a level of respect that overcomes any problems created by Marion whining for more respect.

  • Author: Fox Sports
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    Added: October 24, 2008


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